Articles on Ultra Walkers

Over the years, I have profiled many of the wonderful ultra distance walkers who have excelled in years past, from Captain Barclay and the pedestrians through to the modern era. I have tried to gather some of those here. There are of course others which I have to rummage out when time permits.

Australian (non centurion)
Jack Lewis
James McDonald
Alf Robinson - Sydney to Melbourne 1931
Sid Barber - Adelaide to Melbourne 1931

Ada Anderson and the pedestrian women
Captain Robert Barclay
Richard Manks and the Pedestrians
Bert Couzens
Tommy Green
Tommy Hammond
John Lees
Ray Middleton
Hew Nielson
Ann Sayer
Don Thompson

Kora Boufflert
Gilbert Roger

John Dowling
Frank O'Reilly

Shaul Ladany

New Zealand
Joe Scott

Nederlands (Holland)
Annie van de Meer

Augie Hirt
Alan Price
Edward Weston
Larry Young

Of course, there are always the biographies of our own Australian Centurions which you can read at

Always ready to accept and host articles by other authors. It would be good to build up a more extensive history via stories.