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Soren Kierkegaard

Above all, do not lose your desire to walk. Every day I walk myself into a state of well-being and walk away from every illness. I have walked myself into my best thoughts, and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot walk away from it.

John Burroughs

I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read and all the friends I want to see.

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The 2017 Australian Centurions 24 Hour Qualifier will be held on 22-23 April 2017 in conjunction with the Coburg 24 Hour Track Carnival. Read more on page 2017 Qualifying Event.

The Australian Centurions photo gallery is gradually being populated with photos. See

The Australian Centurions

were formed in 1971 to honour the feat of those athletes who walk 100 Miles within 24 hours on Australian shores. Yep...that's right...WALK 100 MILES WITHIN 24 HOURS..

We now have 70 members of this exclusive club, the first in 1938 (Gordon Smith - C 1) and the most recent in 2013. Who will be next?

Select any of the pages listed above to find out more about our club and the exclusive world of long distance walking.

Stop Press - Justin Scholz completes his 8th centurion walk

Congratulations to Justin Scholz (C 61) for his latest 100 mile walk, done in Campbelltown, NSW, on the weekend of 18-19 June 2016. One of a number of walkers in the Sri Chinmoy 24 Hour Championship field, he recorded a time of 20:43:51 for his 8th hundred and his second for this year.

Australians qualify in Schiedam

Australian Centurions Justin Scholz (C 61), Sharon Scholz (C 63) and John Kilmartin (C 67) all completed 100 mile walks in Schiedam, Holland, on 14-15 May 2016 to become Continental Centurions. This makes 4 centurion badges for Justin and Sharon (Australian, USA, NZ and Continental) and 3 for John (Australian, English and Continental). Well done walkers - amazing performances as usual!

Sharon Scholz
Justin Scholz
John Kilmartin 

Welcome to our 3 new Australian Centurions

I am very excited to announce that we have 3 new Australian Centurions as a result of our annual qualifying event that was held last weekend at the Coburg Harriers track in Melbourne. Overall we had 4 walkers who walked 100 miles or more in the required 24 hour period. They were

Michelle Thompson
Rob Robertson
Sandra de Graaff
Bertus van Ginkel

A hearty welcome to our 3 new centurions Rob, Sandra and Bertus.

Final race results at
Nice blog from Rob Robertson at

The Dutch Train
Michelle Thompson
The Train - Sandra, Bertus and Rob
Rob Robertson finishing
Sandra De Graaff finishing
Bertus Van Ginkel finishing
Rob finishing: 23:13:02
Sandra finishing: 23:45:32
Bertus finishing: 23:46:36
Centurion finishers
Our 4 centurion finishers - Rob, Bertus, Sandra and Michelle

First African Centurions Walk to be held in October 2016

Philip van der Merwe has announced that the inaugural African Centurion 24 Hour Walk to be held on Robben Island, South Africa on 22 October 2016. What an iconic venue!  He advises their website will be online soon. In the meanwhile, here is their press release: AfricanCenturion2016.pdf

Coburg 6 Hour Championships, Coburg, Sunday 6 March 2016

Another great set of results from the 2016 Coburg 6 Hour Championships, contested on Sunday 6th March at the Harold Stevens Reserve in Coburg. The 6AM start time proved its worth once again as the early cloud made for ideal running/walking conditions until the sun broke through around 10AM, in conditions almost identical to last year. The last 2 hours saw the temperature quickly climb but everyone was able to knuckle down in the sunny conditions and see it out.

The 6 Hour walk divisions saw record breaking performances compliments of Australian centurions Clarrie Jack (C4) and Michelle Thompson (C58). Clarrie, having turned 70 recently, made short work of the current M70 6 Hour walk record of 50.741km (set by fellow Centurioin Robin Whyte last year), powering through to 512.227km. Michelle, a perennial winner here at Coburg, was the fastest walker overall and her winning distance of 55.782km bettered her W45 record distance of 55.731km and was only 83m short of her Australian Open record. We also added a 2 person relay category this year to enable long time supporters Terry O'Neill (C18) and Karyn O'Neill (C45) to participate. Walking in relay legs of 1 hour, they completed a distance of 50.974km.

And there is plenty to talk about from the other walkers. John Kilmartin (C67) was having his first race for a while as he recovers from a foot injury – all good with a tentative 47.338km. First time walkers Albin Hess impressed with 44.816 km – I think we will see more of him. NSW walker Saul Richardson was just outside his PB of 43.492km with his distance of 43.313 km. Gary Turner beat his best of 38.639km with his distance of 39.155km. Sandra Howorth beat her best of 41.300km with 42.021km and Liz Wrigley walked her first ever ultra with a great 39.160km.

Coburg 6 Hour Walk - Men
Clarrie Jack (C4)
51.227 km
John Kilmartin (C67)
47.338 km
Albin Hess
45.063 km
Saul Richardson
43.313 km
Gary Turner
39.115 km
Louis Commins
37.015 km
Ian Hoad
36.642 km
Ken Carter
23.463 km
Coburg 6 Hour Walk - Women
Michelle Thompson (C58)
55.782 km
2Sandra Howorth
42.021 km
3Liz Wrigley
Coburg 6 Hour Walk Relay
Terry and Karyn O'Neill
50.974 km

Clarrie Jack
John Kilmartin
Albin Hess
Clarrie Jack
John Kilmartin
Albin Hess
Saul Richardson
Michelle Thompson
Sandra Howorth
Saul Richardson
Michelle Thompson
Sandra Howorth
Gary Turner and Liz Wrigley
Gary Turner and Liz Wrigley

VALE Stan Jones: 1925 - 2016

1975 Stan Jones

It is my sad duty to advise the death of Western Australia based centurion Stan Jones (C 10) on Monday 11 January 2016.

Stan who was born in England in 1925, was one of the many young men who had to grow up quickly in the final years of the Second World War and the aftermath that followed. It was perhaps not surprising that he joined the British Army as a young man and it was there that he made his 20 year career in the Parachute Regiment (“the Paras”).

Stan and Barbara migrated to Australia in the mid-sixties with their family and settled in Melbourne.

He completed his 100 mile walk in 1975 at 50 years of age at the George Knott Athletics Track in Clifton Hill. At that time, his son was ill and he drove across to WA, picked him up, drove him back to Melbourne and then did the 100 miler. This meant that he went for 5 days with literally no sleep - and the last 24 hours of this marathon was the worst of the lot (as we all know). So that makes Stan's 100 miler even more remarkable.

A formidable masters walkers in his later years and an energetic and much loved coach in Perth, he will be sadly missed.

I have updated his centurion biography to now reflect his passing - see

To his family and friends, we offer our sincerest condolences.

2016 USA Centurion flyer and entry form

The quiet village of Owego, NY will host "Not just a walk in the Park" 100km/100 mile/100 mile relay over a 24 hour period on September 24-25, 2016.  Many of the final details have been completed and Dave Talcott has posted an information sheet and entry form which can be downloaded via the following links

2016 Not just a walk in the park - info.pdf
2016 Not just a walk in the park - entry form.pdf

There will be 3 separate races - the Niagara Association/Eastern Regional Open 100km race walk championships, a 100 mile relay that may be comprised of 2-5 team members and a 24 hour/100 mile walk to give athletes all over the world a chance to earn a US Centurion title.  Currently only 80 athletes have ever done so.

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